Sat, Feb 10 from 1pm - 4pm

  • 18+
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Impact play is one of the most popular BDSM activities. It’s enjoyable when it’s light and easy, painful and challenging, or anything in between. Come join KinkRx instructors Ronnie and Dani for this workshop that teaches the fundamental hard and soft skills of impact play.

The skills you will learn will translate to virtually any impact toy, using only 2 tools: a towel as an example of flexible toys such as floggers or whips, and bamboo canes as an example of rigid impact toys.

You will learn the skills and start playing immediately without having to invest in expensive toys. We will cover where to hit and how. We will also cover the anatomy of an impact scene and the techniques you need to modulate intensity in a scene.

Included in the price of the workshop is a great size towel for impact and a bundle of bamboo canes.

Skill Level: Beginner / Intermediate. No pre-requisites or equipment required!
All sexes, genders, ethnicities, sexual orientations, relationship orientations welcome and celebrated.
Cost at the door: $45.
Attendance is limited to 20 people.
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About the Educators:

KinkRx is Dani, Juni, Ronnie, and Tango. They are a group of Seattle-based kinksters who are interested in various aspects of BDSM as a way of building connection and intimacy. They are active in the Seattle kink community and can be found, either playing or socializing, at many local events. You can reach them at

This event is presented by the Foundation for Sex Positive Culture. Please go to for more information.

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