Sat, Apr 14 from 5:30pm - 8:30pm

  • 18+
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Taking your toy bag everywhere you go! Rough body play is a very versatile and popular play style. It can be combined with other play styles like bondage, impact, and sex, or it could be used all on it's own.

We cover techniques and safety aspects of many rough body play elements such as:

    Effective body manipulation and disruption of balance
    Hair pulling
    Neck handling
    Slapping: spanking, face-slapping and more.
    Punching, and kicking
    Grabbing and pinching
    Body holds and joint manipulation
    Rope Capturing techniques
    Using rope as a handicap
All technique demonstrations will include how to obtain consent for these techniques.

What to bring:
    A piece of 20’-30’ 4-6mm rope
    A soft mat

All skill and experience levels welcome.
All sexes, genders, ethnicities, sexual orientations, relationship orientations welcome and celebrated.
Cost at the door: $85 (Duo) and $90 (Pay It Forward Donor Duo)
Where: Address will be emailed to ticket holders.
Attendance is limited to 10 duos.
Questions may be directed to:

About the Educators:

KinkRx is Dani, Juni, Ronnie, and Tango. They are a group of Seattle-based kinksters who are interested in various aspects of BDSM as a way of building connection and intimacy. They are active in the Seattle kink community and can be found, either playing or socializing, at many local events. You can reach them at

This event is presented by the Foundation for Sex Positive Culture. Please go to for more information.


See description for location.
Seattle, WA 98107